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In SAP HCM appraisal documents as well as questionnaire answers from candidates are stored in the OSA structure and the data cannot be easily accessed through simple queries or by looking directly in the tables. If you don’t have the data in SAP BW or some other data warehouse system you only have two options, which is either develop an ABAP report or use the standard reporting tool.

  1. Go to transaction PHAP_SEARCH.
  2. Select a template and/or any other search criteria and click [Execute].
    PHAP_SEARCH appraisal or questionnaire report
  3. Select all the records and click the [Reporting] button.
    PHAP_SEARCH appraisal or questionnaire report
  4. A pop-up window is displayed, where you can choose between different report types. Select “Export to Excel (Enhanced)”.
    PHAP_SEARCH report type selection
  5. Another pop-up window is displayed, where you can select the specific data you want to be included in the report. As you can see in the image, some of the fields are “greyed” and cannot be selected. This is because they are disabled in the appraisal/questionnaire template.
    If you are creating the templates in the back end, you can easily define which fields should be available, but it is not possible to change this selection after any documents have been created.
    If the template is created in the portal (which is common for recruiters to do with questionnaires) it is a different story, as these fields are not to my knowledge available. I suspect that a BAdI could be used to change the default values – maybe HRHAP00_ACC_HEADER or HRHAP00_TMPL_EXAMPLE, but I have not investigated this.
    PHAP_SEARCH reporting options

Once you have the data in Excel, you can work with them, but this method is not suited for regular reporting due to the manual work with the spreadsheet every time.

BW is a good solution and has standard content for appraisal documents.
If SAP E-recruiting is installed as a stand-alone system you would still be able to load the questionnaires using the standard extractors, as the documents are exactly the same as appraisals (VA, VB, VC).


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